The Road Runner

The Alternative to the Armband !

The Road runner smartphone carrier is the solution to most of the practical problems encountered by the generation of “connected” runners wearing armbands to carry their smartphones. The Road runner is designed to hold the phone on the chest, therefore making it accessible to take calls, change music and look at your location  or performance whilst running, on skates or on a bike. The Road runner makes the mobile phone more accessible and user friendly during exercise and enables one handed use of the phone.



With the phone located on your chest it’s easy to take a call and see who is calling whereas an armband is on a moving part of the body, making it difficult to read or access even the most basic features of the phone.


The Road runner is closer to the center of gravity than armbands which create  imbalance over long periods of time, eventually making it uncomfortable.

When the body warms up, veins dilate and armbands become tighter, often requiring adjustment during a long run. The Road runner does not encounter this issue.


The 3 point buckling system allows even tension distribution and each strap can be adjusted individually to suit your morphology.


When running in new areas or tracking your performance, having the phone on the chest makes it easy to look at to check your location or your speed without having to stop.


The new varioclic buckling system is a buckle of our design. It is an androgynous component which can combine by 2,3,4 or 5 buckles ! This allows to insert other items such as a running light or a go pro. This buckle is called the mini frog as it looks like an unhappy frog ! And we have many other formats !



In the below picture you can see how the buckle switches from a 3 point locking system to a 3 x 2 point system, allowing the connection of what we now call a Variobject ( variable combination object) to go with the varioclic buckles.


For night runners, adding a running light is essential and this can be done in two ways, clip the light to the strap or attach it with varioclic buckles. The option with varioclic buckles is still in development.





The advantage of the road runner is its flexibility and adaptability to different activities. It enables one-handed use of the mobile phone and we have tested it for the following :

  • Running
  • In-line skating
  • Ice skating
  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Mountain-biking
  • Basket ball ( when practicing on your own )
  • Kayak ( but with a waterproof phone as the road runner is only rainproof, not waterproof
  • Kite-surfing and windsurfing (with a waterproof phone)
  • Cross country skiing
  • And the list carries on growing , share with us how you would use it ?

You can also use the Road Runner for gardening or DIY ! No need to take your phone out the pocket or get it dirty, just answer it with one finger !

Riding a bike, you can make good use of the road runner for listening to music as you don’t have the earphone cable issues as you would when using a device to attach your phone to the handle bars. We hope it will be your companion for your next sporting adventures !


Female users

One of the first questions we got was whether female users could also use the road runner but the answer is that we designed the road runner for men and it does not suit female morphology well in the chest area. Some women are comfortable with the system but we cannot recommend it. We are exploring to ways adapt the system for women but this will be a different product.

Road Runner specification

Below are the specifications and instructions on how to attach the road runner and operate the buckle. It adapts to chest sizes from 66cm to 120 cm.


Below is the list of smartphones recommended for use with the Road runner. If your phone does not show in the list, check its length, width and depth and if it is within the below ranges then it will work. If it is a few mm smaller or larger it will fit. The Road runner is made of neoprene and lycra, a flexible material and will stretch to adapt.

We are working on a second version for larger phones like iphone 6 plus but this will happen as a second step.

Brand Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
Apple Iphone 7 138.3 67.1 7.1
Apple Iphone 6 138.3 67.1 7.1
Huawei honor holly 2 plus 143.1 71.8 9.7
Huawei Y6 143.5 72.1 8.5
Huawei P8 144.9 72.1 6.4
Microsoft Lumia 650 142 70.9 6.9
Nokia Lumia 638 129.5 66.7 9.2
Samsung Galaxy A3 130.1 65.5 6.9
Samsung Galaxy J3 142.3 71 7.9
Samsung Galaxy S7 142.4 69.6 7.9
Samsung Galaxy S6 143.4 70.5 6.8
Samsung Galaxy grand prime 144.8 72.1 8.6
Sony Experia X performance 144 70 8.7

The Road Runner is not yet available for retail but can be ordered in batches of 500 units minimum as an OEM product.