About Us

We are an innovation startup specialised in sports and leisure products. Skyridge is a division of Readynovation SAS established in France in 2014. Our goal is to propose innovative and practical solutions for sports brands, solving everyday issues in sports and leisure activities.

We develop new product concepts and propose these as turnkey solutions to sport brands. It is a service we offer and an opportunity for brands to bring new products fast onto the market by customizing only the bare essentials : logos and colour. In this day and age when speed to market is essential, cutting down on development time is just as  essential as bringing novel products onto the market.

For the products we develop, we propose two approaches. Either to supply the innovative buckling systems as stand-alone components from our buckles division http://www.readylace.com or to provide complete products as turnkey solutions under the Skyridge banner. We subcontract the production to experts in the field of injection moulding and textiles.

Now with 3 products launched, we are waiting for our next generation backpacks to hit the market in autumn 2020.